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Services for Hiring Managers:

  • Job specification optimisation

  • Discovering the best qualified candidates

  • Utilising direct and referral-based headhunting

  • Designing a compelling hiring process to attract top talent

  • Benchmarking and tailoring suitable hiring packages

  • Securing preferred candidates 

Image by Benjamin Davies


You've spent countless hours in your career sifting through mismatched CVs and talking to recruiters who just don't get it.

You've placed your trust in experienced recruiters, only to receive an avalanche of irrelevant CVs, hours of uninspiring candidate interviews, and countless meetings with recruiters who lack empathy and understanding of your needs.

But The Investment Recruitment Hub is different. We are a recruitment agency that understands the investment technology and services sector because we come from that very industry – it's our sole focus.

With The Investment Recruitment Hub, you'll receive recruitment services tailored to your needs, ensuring candidates who genuinely match your requirements. Say goodbye to uninspiring interviews. We bring you high-caliber individuals committed to joining your organisation.

Hiring Managers...

Services for Candidates:

  • Career evaluation and progression path progression

  • Precise matching to suitable roles and companies

  • Proactively marketing candidates to companies with "hidden" roles

  • Interview preparation for success

  • Salary benchmarking and skillful negotiation

  • Successfully securing preferred roles

Image by James Padolsey


Advancing your career is a priority, but getting a new job is time-consuming, especially when recruiters seem determined to waste your time.

Applying for positions you are qualified for often leads to no response, and if you do hear back, you're subjected to awkward conversations with recruiters who lack industry experience or knowledge of the role you applied for. It's frustrating to invest your time and effort into job applications, only to encounter a lack of communication and conversations that don't align with your career goals. 

The Investment Recruitment Hub is here to provide a different experience. We are skilled at recognising when you are the right fit for a role and are dedicated to helping you secure that position. We have firsthand experience working in, alongside, and managing key roles across the investment market, including product management, product design, UX, pre-sales, sales, product marketing, data operations, and more.


Choose The Investment Recruitment Hub to navigate your career progression with professionals who understand your industry, can lend an empathetic ear, and possess the knowledge and connections to support your goals. 


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